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Embark on your professional adventure with BHA's Young Professionals Membership

Welcome to Business House Australia (BHA) — your partner in navigating the vibrant and challenging world of business. Our Young Professionals Membership is meticulously designed for dynamic, up-and-coming entrepreneurs and professionals who are ready to carve out their unique space in the business realm.

At BHA, we understand the unique challenges and aspirations of young professionals. That’s why our Young Professionals Membership offers a blend of networking, mentorship, and growth opportunities tailored to your needs. It’s an ideal launchpad for those poised to make a significant impact in their fields and expand their professional horizons.

Step into the dynamic Australian business community with BHA. The Young Professionals Membership is your gateway to forging meaningful connections, discovering innovative ideas, and gaining the momentum you need for your professional journey. With BHA by your side, you’re well-equipped to navigate the exciting path ahead and turn your career aspirations into reality.

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BHA Young Professionals Membership: Catalyzing Career Advancement

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

You gain exclusive access to vibrant evening networking events and interactive Zoom meetings, each designed to connect you with industry trailblazers and fellow forward-thinkers in a relaxed, after-hours setting.

Elevated Business Visibility

Showcase your venture with a year-long LED signage display at the prominent BHA Centre, Hilton. This exposure puts your brand in the spotlight, enhancing its recognition among community members and visitors.

Dynamic Media Presence

Maximize your brand's impact with interview opportunities on Podcast City Digital Radio and FM Radio Italia Uno, broadening your audience and strengthening your market footprint.

Engaging Community Involvement

Join the vibrant BHA Members Group on Facebook, a platform to connect, exchange ideas, and build lasting business relationships within a supportive digital community.

Targeted Professional Growth

Enhance your business acumen with access to BHA's mentoring team, free Masterclass vouchers, and stay informed with access to podcasts of all Breakfast Speakers, offering a wealth of knowledge from industry leaders.

Unmatched Membership Benefits

For an annual fee of just $330, Young Professionals Membership opens doors to opportunities and resources worth over $3,000. It’s an investment in your future, providing essential tools and networks for young professionals embarking on their business journeys.

Young Professionals

$ 330

including GST, Paid Annually
Monthly payment options available
  • Networking Events
  • 1 Business Breakfast 1 guest at 20% discount
  • 1 Golden Ticket’ Business Breakfast 100% discount
  • 6 Evening Networking Events (one free drink)
  • 6 Podcast Networking Meetings
  • 11 Zoom Business Networking Meetings 8pm
  • All BHA events 20% Discount
  • Promote Your Business
  • 12 months LED signage at BHA Centre, Hilton
  • Hire BHA Centre Board Room: 4 hrs
  • Interview on Podcast City Digital Radio
  • Interview on FM Radio Italia Uno
  • Complimentary recording on Podcast City
  • Support Your Business
  • Ad Hoc access to BHA Mentors (4 hrs)
  • Inclusion on BHA Members Group Facebook Page
  • Three Minute Soundbite at Breakfasts (1)
  • Other Benefits
  • 3 Masterclass Vouchers
  • Podcast of all Breakfast Speakers by Podcast City
  • 10% discount food & beverages venue (TBA)
  • Virtual Office BHA Centre including nameplate in Reception

Join as a BHA Young Professional

Enhanced Networking and Development

Unlock the door to exceptional networking and growth with our Young Professionals Membership, uniquely crafted for the ambitious up-and-comers in the business world.

Young Professionals Membership Overview:

  • Affordability: Access this transformative membership for just $33 monthly or a one-time annual fee of $330.00 (GST included).

  • Establish Your Presence: Elevate your business with a professional virtual office address at the prestigious BHA Centre, Hilton, lending credibility and establishing your footprint in the business community.

  • Exclusive Networking: Dive into our exclusive evening events and Zoom meetups, designed to foster connections with industry leaders in a setting that suits your dynamic lifestyle.

  • Business Breakfasts: Use your Golden Ticket to attend any one of 10 Business Networking Breakfasts during the year.

  • Guest Privileges: Expand your network by bringing a guest at a 20% special discounted rate, opening doors to new collaborative opportunities.

  • Brand Exposure: Command attention with a full year of LED signage at our prime BHA Centre location in Hilton.

  • Media Engagement: Broadcast your business narrative with interviews on prominent digital and FM radio platforms, widening your reach.

  • Community Involvement: Engage with the BHA Members Group on Facebook, a vibrant community for sharing, learning, and connecting.

  • Skill Enhancement: Sharpen your expertise with three Masterclass vouchers and enrich your knowledge with podcasts from seasoned Breakfast Speakers.

Incredible Value: Offering over $3,000 in benefits, the Young Professionals Membership is an unmatched investment in your professional journey, providing the critical tools and connections you need to excel.

BHA Young Professionals Membership FAQs

The Young Professionals Membership includes access to a Business Breakfast with a discount for a guest, a ‘Golden Ticket’ Business Breakfast at no cost, LED signage at BHA Centre, media interviews, community engagement on Facebook, and professional development opportunities through Masterclasses and podcast access.

The membership is priced at $330.00 annually, GST included, with flexible monthly payment options available.

Yes, you can bring a guest to a Business Breakfast with a 20% discount, expanding your networking opportunities.

You can promote your business through 12 months of LED signage at BHA Centre, interviews on Podcast City Digital Radio and FM Radio Italia Uno, and a feature on our Facebook Members Group.

The membership offers networking opportunities through Business Breakfasts, Evening Networking Events, Podcast Networking Meetings, and Zoom Business Networking Meetings.

Yes, members receive three Masterclass vouchers and access to valuable insights through podcasts of all Breakfast Speakers.

Young Professional Members have access to free use of the Board Room for up to 4 hours annually, with unlimited use at a 33% reduction.

For more details, you can contact us at (08) 7071 1562 or

Joining is easy! Simply visit BHA Young Professionals Membership Sign-Up to begin your journey with Business House Australia.

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