ASKARA – Expressions from the Heart

what is Askara?

Askara is a place of harmonic resonance and coherency where you will learn how to feel more than well – recharged, de-stressed and healed! The pace, demand and strain of our highly technological world are leaving us with ever-increasing stress and pressure. The pressure to perform, obtain, accumulate, succeed and be ‘online’ 24/7.

Askara is a tucked away treasure that offers ‘digital detox’ and opportunity to re-discover our strong inner desire to be close to nature and interact with it in a more meaningful way! Consider Askara as your Get Away destination. Situated on the top of Willunga Hill, less that an hour drive this amazing property equipped to make your stay an ‘unforgettable experience’ that invigorates your body, soothes your spirit and calm your mind.


Digital Marketing Tribe

Who are Digital Marketing Tribe?

Since starting in 2017, we have helped over 150 local businesses grow with their digital marketing. The Tribe is a group of young individuals linked by a passion for marketing. We strive to do things differently.

Our philosophy is to deliver services that are meaningful, effective and accessible to local businesses. With our combined experience, our customer-focused approach offers a synergy that drives results. Together our clients continue to receive only the best and innovative marketing strategies.
From the perfect team!


Pink Diamond Capital

What is Pink Diamond Capital?

Pink Diamond Capital is a diamond investment firm that helps investors acquire rare, Australian mined Argyle Pink Diamonds as a high capital growth asset for their portfolio.

We provide our clients with an end-to-end bespoke investment service; from acquisition, to secure logistics, independent valuations, storage & insurance solutions, and selling when the time comes.

All our Argyle Pink Diamonds are personally selected by our in-house GAA certified diamond specialist customised to each client’s needs.
We are experienced in helping clients achieve their unique investment strategy goals – from acquiring one diamond to building multi-million-dollar portfolios of diamonds.

We pride ourselves in assisting a diverse range of clients, whether investing with an SMSF, personal funds, or family office – we can certainly help you diversify your portfolio with high quality diamonds whilst avoiding luxury premiums.
We look forward to speaking with you.


Mark Gustavsson & Associates

Who Are Mark Gustavsson & Associates?

Commercial Law Firm For Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

We are a commercial law firm backed by substantial small business experience and we pride in providing our clients with piece of mind. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or established business owner, our Adelaide business team focuses on delivering astute, effective and affordable legal advice in our areas of expertise, litigation & dispute resolution and corporate & commercial advisory services.

Our clients rest assured that their legal problems have become our problems. This leaves them to focus on what they do best.

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Starting from less than $50 per month, a BHA membership is an investment in your business which pays dividends throughout the year. BHA membership means inclusive support, market-leading benefits and complimentary attendance at our regular business networking events.

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