Episode 4: Property Development using SMSF funding for high returns with Anthea Greig


Episode 4 of the Awesome Investments for Troubled Times Podcast welcomes Founder of the Urban Infill Group Anthea Greig. Anthea has over 10 years of property development experience leading 25 projects resulting in new homes, renovated homes or new land allocation. In this episode, Anthea discusses how to use SMSF funding for property development and how to get a higher return on the investment.

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Topic: Property Development using SMSF funding for high returns

Anthea Greig of Urban Infill Group started making money from property in 2007 with a corner block subdivision and renovation of the existing house. From there she has proceeded to developed multiple sites, sold house and land packages, built and renovated properties, and contracted and assigned properties for profit. Over the last 13 years Anthea has co-ordinated 25 projects resulting in over 100 New homes, renovated homes or new land allotments, both in joint ventures and solo.
Anthea teaches land division and small scale developments at WEA, and also co-ordinates
property meetings bringing together speakers on all topics relating to property and providing valuation information and education for attendees who invest in property in various ways.
In 2019 Anthea was awarded the Master Builders Association HiViz Women Building SA –

Women in Construction Award for her achievements and contribution to the industry.
In addition she is a self employed mortgage broker with a credit licence so understands
how the financing of developments is a vital part of leveraging.

– Founder, Urban Infill Group


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