Rex Buckingham

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I help executives to solve problems, take advantage of opportunities through opening communications with exec team & staff. Through effective & appropriate collaboration, build trust, connectedness and therefore, effectiveness.

Adding in 'street smarts'. I'm not too afraid to disagree, or agree!

What To Expect

We begin with the CEO and the executive team - from the top down. Firstly identifying the roots causes rather than addressing effects, identifying gaps that can be addressed.

The expected outcome is the creation of a healthy culture of connectedness and positive attitudes and behaviours. The result is a happier more productive team and therefore, business.

Much of what I do is about helping people to gain more self-confidence through improved thinking modalities.

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How you can work with Rex

We begin the process with a simple phone call to see where I can add value. So many things that a simple phone call will either discover and make a plan to address or, at least you have vented and shared. No harm done, no cost incurred

Through my corporate experience, coupled with coaching and consulting, I have touched just about every industry that one could think of.

If all you do is stay with the same strategies of the past, you can expect less not more. Get in touch today for a discovery call

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