Gwen Meyer

Gwen Meyer
Gwen Meyer - Project Manager | Change Facilitator | Life Coach

Who is Gwen?

I love working with individuals and teams when change is difficult and transitioning is messy, supporting and empowering them to persevere, regain balance, control and peace of mind.

I have worked in the corporate world; specifically in business and IT consulting, for over 25 years and have held a variety of roles on a diverse range and size of projects - in Australia, Southern Africa, the UK and France. My extensive management consulting experience has covered a broad range of industries such as Banking and Financial Services, Mining, Manufacturing and Health.

As a long term corporate contractor and business owner, the constant changes in my work and personal life have driven me in incremental ways to make improvements, become adaptable, flexible and resilient and to continually hone the life skills necessary for success.

Gwen Meyer

Through coaching, collaboration and connection

I show people how they can initiate and integrate change by engaging in self-reflection, taking action, staying on track, managing their emotions and mastering their minds to think above the crowd - to improve in any area of life they choose, to thrive and to rise to their full potential.

I do motivational speaking engagements (for individuals and teams), conduct personalised one-on-one coaching sessions, facilitate group coaching seminars, and teach the life skills necessary to overcome the mental barriers that erode people's ability to win.

How You Can Work With Gwen


Tailored to your needs. Support - to backfill a role, to guide you or simply to keep you accountable. Or, maybe all three. Individualised or group coaching sessions which incorporate tailored techniques and strategies to empower you to make real change and work through periods of transition - in your business, your job and your own life. Real commitment, real perseverance, real change to regain balance, control and peace of mind.


Personalised coaching program which includes an initial 3-hour envisioning session (including self-analysis and goal setting) and 12 subsequent sessions over a 6 to 12 month period. Designed specifically for you to reflect on various aspects of your life, eliminate the negatives and help you create your future. Working one on one ensures you develop your plans, take action and receive the necessary life skills and support to persevere and stay on track.


Various Masterclasses. These workshops are bite-sized, intensive masterclasses designed to help you gain focus and clarity fast. They focus on mastering your mind and emotions to help you think above the crowd.

We challenge you to change your life, do more, be more and have more, in 90 days.

If you are ready to make the positive meaningful action towards achieving your goals, get in touch with Gwen today to find out how.

Gwen Meyer
Project Manager | Change Facilitator | Life Coach
P: +61 420 221 095