Dr Elizabeth Chryssidis

Elizabeth Chryssidis

Elizabeth is a businesswoman who has successfully owned and run her business for over 20 years. One example of how she can help small business is to leverage her experience to help business owners in the healthcare industry run more successful healthcare practices and enjoy greater life balance. These same principles can also be applied to any small business.

Dr Elizabeth Chryssidis graduated in 1986, obtaining a Bachelor of Dental Surgery and a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Pharmacology from the University of Adelaide. After working for 12 years in Brighton Dental Clinic, Elizabeth took the plunge into business ownership, opening up a dental practice which she would go on to practice in and manage for 22 years. Through her involvement as both the principal dentist and owner of the clinic, Elizabeth developed strong experience in both the practice and administration of a successful dental clinic.

In addition to her private practice work, Elizabeth also accepted a teaching role at the University of Adelaide in 1991 in the University’s established dental school. Elizabeth has a passion for teaching and mentoring students and new graduates and has maintained her teaching relationship with the University to this day. Elizabeth is now a senior member of the University teaching faculty and teaches final year students in the subjects of general practice and oral diagnosis.

Elizabeth recommends maintaining a balanced business portfolio, and she maintains business interests in various other business projects, including property development and security.

In her personal life, Elizabeth is a prolific reader of books and material on self-empowerment and continues to focus on never-ending self-improvement. Elizabeth particularly enjoys reading the teachings of Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor and many more.

Elizabeth offers her experience in creating business growth and practice management to the clients of Business House Australia. With her core values of authenticity, integrity and commitment, Elizabeth works with her clients in a strictly confidential manner, delivering services to her clients to help them run more successful healthcare practices and enjoy greater life balance. Her experience enables her to advise clients in a variety of healthcare settings, including dental, medical, chiropractic, podiatric, optometric and other healthcare disciplines

Elizabeth is a member of the Australian Dental Association at both the federal and state level. Elizabeth is also a wife and a mother to two adult children.

Elizabeth’s qualifications include:

When we are born, we all start out equal. As we move into adulthood, what we make of our lives depends very much on the choices we make – choices in education, career paths, friends, and acquaintances. What we are now, is a direct result of the choices we have made so far in our lives!

Nowhere is this point made clearer than in Napoleon Hill’s landmark book “Think and Grow Rich”.

Robert T Kiyosaki wrote a book some years ago, called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. In it, he talks about a ‘cash flow quadrant’ in which he writes that acquiring wealth will rarely be achieved through being an employee. If we think in terms of success being gauged by wealth, Kyosaki argues that you need to achieve a state where other people are working for you ie – you need to own your business. Eventually, this will translate into “residual income”, where the income will flow to you without the direct effort of you working in the business itself.

So how do you become a successful business owner, and what are the challenges you face in owning your own business?

If you have answered “YES” to at least 3 of these questions, you would benefit from taking this course!

Let’s see if we can work together so I can add value and tailor my course to your needs.

This course will take you from where you presently are to where you want and need to be. It will help you run your business feeling fulfilled and successful.


How You Can Work With Dr Elizabeth

Business Health Check

The health check for your business is looking at it from the perspective of a well functioning body and ensuring that everything is working optimally. You will be amazed at what can be discovered during such a comprehensive analysis.
If you fail to act on signs and symptoms early, they will become bigger and cost more to fix. The course is designed to look at the different components of your business and check that each part is working optimally.

The course is designed in two parts :

Running Your business

You can be the world’s best in your field, but this does not qualify you to run a business. Being qualified alone is not enough! The course will give you important lessons that I have learnt while running a successful dental practice for 22 years. In fact, these are basic lessons applicable to any business you may own.

We will dissect the business into 7 blocks and discuss each one in detail, providing you with the knowledge and skills to move your business ahead of your competition ensuring it is functioning at its full potential.

Looking after Yourself

It is a fact of life, that it is lonely at the top, and you need to ensure that in looking after your business, you do not fail to look after yourself and your personal life. This section is composed of 5 components.

The course will assist you to organize your life and sharpen your focus. It will help you stay disciplined doing what you need to do when enthusiasm has worn off.

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