Coaching Panel

Gwen Meyer

Gwen Meyer

Project Manager | Change Facilitator | Life Coach

Gwen has worked as a long term contractor and consultant on a diverse range and size of projects, and is a highly respected leader in the corporate world. Few people have experienced uncertainty like Gwen has and the constant changes in her corporate and personal life have driven her in incremental ways to make improvements, become adaptable, flexible and resilient and to continually hone the life skills necessary for success.

She loves working with individuals and teams when change is difficult and transitioning is messy, supporting and empowering them to persevere, regain balance, control and peace of mind.

Through coaching, collaboration and connection she shows people how to stay on track, manage their emotions and master their minds to think above the crowd - to improve in any area of life they choose, to thrive and to rise to their full potential.

Rex Buckingham

Rex Buckingham

Coach | Mentor | Mediator

Rex Buckingham has been consulting & coaching across Business and Personal for almost 40 years.

His vision is to become redundant to the brief, develop sustainability of the organisation. Rex has a background in general management, marketing, manufacturing, finance, project management, personnel and strategic development covering almost 40 years, at both the corporate and business owner level.

As an active public speaker and trainer, (Advanced Diploma Marketing, Business, Leadership, HR and Organisation Psychology) he is able to bring 'real life' into what he undertakes, a sense of the theoretical meeting the practical.

Strategic planning to meet the challenges of today in preparation for tomorrow

Sarah Reimann

Sarah Reimann

Financial Training | Mentoring for Small Business

Sarah Reimann provides financial mentoring to small business owners and teaches you how to understand the story behind your numbers, so you can have the financial control you need to reduce your stress and make smart business decisions.

Leveraging over 15 years of experience in the tax accounting industry, as a qualified accountant, Sarah offers a rare combination of real-world experience, technical knowledge and expertise in business and financial management as well as being a confident communicator and advisor.

Sarah provides advice to business and industry on strategic planning, finances, staffing, cash flow, goal setting, growth, operational management and implementing change.

One to One Mentoring. Group Coaching & Public Speaking / Training.

Elizabeth Chryssidis

Elizabeth Chryssidis B.Sc. (Hons), B.D.S

Businesswoman | Healthcare Coach

Dr Elizabeth Chryssidis is a highly successful business woman with over thirty four years experience in the operation and management of a dental clinic.

She is a skilled dental practitioner and a professional manager. Elizabeth is also a tutor at the University of Adelaide Dental School at final year level. After achieving her own career goals, she is drawn to helping others to achieve theirs.

Elizabeth is eager to offer her experience in creating business growth and practice management to the clients of Business House Australia.

Elizabeth is a health care industry coach and is available for consultation