Jackie Green

Certified NLP Master Trainer, Dip Cht, Hypnotherapy, MSCEIT Certified

Business and People Development Consulting,  NLP Practitioner

Jackie is a natural leader and problem solver. Her background spans over 30 years in business, leadership, sales, coaching, consulting, and training. Her passion is working with people and business owners assisting them to be the best version of themselves, teaching skills to communicate more effectively, adjust and be comfortable with change so they can have a happier healthier life moving forward.

Jackie incorporates years of life and business experience with her extensive knowledge of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Intelligence, Change and Project management tools into her coaching and consulting work ensuring positive results for all her clients.

As a business advisor she consults with owners and staff by investigating what is really happening, with a focus on communication and people using her 4 P program (People / Processes / Performance / Productivity) to get results. Writing programs to meet needs identified, coaching top down and bottom up (depending on need).

Jackie G NLP has a unique point of difference?

To ensure she remains current, relevant, and up to date and as part of her continued personal development. She deliberately works as a contractor in short term project management and training roles through recruitment agencies. Working in corporations, government agencies and learning institutions.  This enables her to understand what is ‘really’ happening in business, what systems, IT, software, people management processes, training trends and learning platforms are current and being implemented.  She doesn’t have set sign up packages or plans.

Every client is unique so every circumstance will be different.

Ideal referral partner’s

  • SME’s 5-50 employees
  • Owners who are overwhelmed and struggling with change.
  • Growing to fast out of control – juggling everything day to day.
  • Unable to focus and grow because they are stuck in doing day to day things.
  • Stressed, anxious and no real systems in place.

She consults with owners and staff by investigating what is really happening, with a focus on people. Reviewing systems with my 4 P program (People / Processes / Performance / Productivity) Example: evaluating onboarding, induction, interviewing, team selection, business culture, KPI’s, strategic planning, skills and training.

Memberships: International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association IMDHA, IICT

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