September Networking Evening

Tuesday, September 10

Join us for an evening of networking on September 10th at 6.30PM

- We are having an evening event instead of a breakfast event due to Keith being away.

Members, please feel free to use access code all other attendees are $35 or $40 at the door.

When purchasing a ticket, please feel free also to buy a donation ticket to go towards the Hutt St Charity Event in October

Learn how leveraging a mentor can earn you an extra $100k! Robert will show you through proven results and experience how mentoring can impact your life, career and business.

About Robert

With over 35 years of coaching and mentoring, specialising in personal and business development, Robert has developed highly effective mentoring programs.

He has worked with innovators, doctors, teens and entrepreneurs alike. Helping them to reach their highest potential in both their life and business, improving relationships, and income potential of all his mentees.

His methods are unique and effective, focusing on one's purpose and driving values. From this, he is able to understand the client and show them how to enjoy what they do or change what they do.

Robert's holistic approach to mentorship focuses on particular areas in personal and business mentorship as the two go hand in hand.

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