October Networking Breakfast

Tuesday, October 08

October NB

Join us for the October Networking Breakfast

Tuesday 8th October


The Alma Tavern Restaurant

This month’s guest speaker will inspire you as he tells the story of entrepreneurship and business success. You won’t want to miss this event.

Guest speaker

Ali Serhan

Emali Early Learning Centres

Ali began his journey in 2004 with a passion for working with children as he believes children are the most valuable members of our society. He studied early childhood education for 3 years while he worked detailing cars.

In 2006 Ali created the first Emali Early Learning Centre which has since expanded to include 10 centres around Adelaide. Emali is now one of the most successful childcare centres in Australia, this is all due to Ali’s dream and investment in our most important members of society.

Ali’s inspiring entrepreneurial story is one of passion vision and purpose. Find out more about Ali’s journey and what has made him so successful

"The main attraction to the early learning and Childcare industry is the fact that it's the only job as such where you are able to receive unconditional love from the children every single day you go to work! That's enough to want to spend time with the little ones every day." Ali Serhan
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