December Networking Breakfast

Tuesday, December 10

Join us for the December Networking Breakfast

This will be our final breakfast for the year, we look forward to seeing you there

December 10

6.45 AM

The Alma Tavern

What to Expect

6.45 AM - Arrive & network, grab a cup of coffee

7.00 AM - Buffet breakfast is served

7.10 AM - Welcome from Keith the MD

7.30 AM - Guest Speaker - Steve Condos

8.00 AM - Networking

Eric and Fam photo shoot 12

Our Guest Speaker

Eric Kariuki

Who is Eric? Director & Principal Diamond Specialist

Eric Kariuki is the founder of Pink Diamond Capital, an investment diamond firm that helps investors, SMSF Trustees, and Family Offices acquire rare, Australian mined Argyle Pink Diamonds as a high capital growth asset for their portfolio.

Eric founded his business out of a passion to help others and build relationships. He is a member of the Unashamedly Ethical movement and upholds a high level of integrity. Eric understands that trust is key in any relationship and has built close working relationships with his clients to serve them best, which gives them peace of mind.

He provides an end-to-end bespoke investment service, personally selecting diamonds for each client customised to their individual needs. He has helped a range of clients, from those looking to acquire one Argyle Pink Diamond, to building a portfolio of Argyle Pink Diamonds.

Eric is an Australian citizen who was born and raised in Kenya. He migrated to Australia in 2006 and completed a Bachelor of Applied Science degree at the University of South Australia. He later completed Advanced Practical Diamond Grading with the Gemmological Association of Australia.

Eric authored the Pink Diamond Investment Guide to help educate investors on the benefits of Argyle Pink Diamonds, and help clients make an informed decision when diversifying their portfolio.

In addition to being an investment diamond specialist, Eric is married to Katie, and is a father to their four children - two biological children and two foster children. He enjoys early morning runs to keep fit, playing golf, and rarely says no to ice-cream and whisky.

“My promise to you is that should you choose to invest in Argyle Pink Diamonds, I will walk the entire journey with you” – Eric Kariuki

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