Upcoming Events

March Networking Breakfast

Tuesday, 10 March

Why is it essential to have an agreed definition? So all parties know what they are getting into – does it fit the need? Rex will delve into the roles and what to look for in each, join us for an interactive and informative morning.

Hutt St Centre Charity Dinner

Saturday, 16 May

Join us for a four-course dinner and silent auction to support the Hutt St Centre as we enter winter

Unleash Your Leadership Potential

Saturday, 27 June

Business House Australia is Proud to host The Dale Carnegie Institute in Adelaide for a 1-day workshop series.

Past Events

August Networking Event

Tuesday, 13 August

September Networking Evening

Tuesday, 10 September

October Networking Breakfast

Tuesday, 08 October

November Networking Breakfast

Tuesday, 12 November

December Networking Breakfast

Tuesday, 10 December

February Networking Breakfast

Tuesday, 11 February