Professionals and business owners are good at what they have been trained to do. However, running a successful business involves a lot of other skills being learnt and implemented to help the business flourish and grow. Running your own business involves continuous change and adaptation.

Fundamental to any business success is connecting with the clients or customers.

1. Build awareness of your business.

This involves creating awareness of who you are, what you want to achieve and how you can help your customers.

Endeavour to become a vital resource for your customers by communicating ways you can assist them.

2. Ask more questions.

How can you better understand your customer or client? They may not tell you too much feeling they are wasting your time. Allocate enough time to get to know them better, by asking them pertinent questions to understand their position clearly and what they aspire for the future. They will appreciate the time you have spent with them and this in turn will engender a feeling that you care enough about them to want to know more. Of course, it goes without saying that you need to be a good listener ! What a lovely way to build relationships.

3. Become a Storyteller.

People love to hear stories about how you solved someone else’s problem, and how things turned out. It enables them to have faith that you can help them too. Bombarding people with too many facts and figures can be off-putting, but telling a story engages them.

4. Have a Plan.

Follow a structure to client or customer engagement. Make sure you follow a plan so nothing is accidentally forgotten. Encourage clients to come on a journey with you rather than engaging you on an ad hoc basis.

For example, if you are preparing a quote, and you email this to them, make sure you follow up with a phone call to ensure there are no questions.

If presenting the quote in person, thoroughly explain the benefits of following through with you and your business. Highlight any warranties or any ways you will give special after sales care.

5. Be there when they really need you.

Ensure you are there for your customer or client in times of need. Make yourself available to help them when they need you the most, and they will never forget you!