May Networking Breakfast: The Communication Trifecta To Thrive

For our May Networking Breakfast, we’re excited to bring you an engaging session focused on maximizing the value you and your service provide through effective communication strategies. Learn from industry expert Darren Roberts as he shares insights on leveraging communication to accelerate abundance and live to your potential.

Podcast & Social Media Network Meeting

Unlock the Potential of Digital Marketing & Podcast Content Creation for Your Business: A Transformative Networking Experience!

Hosted by Podcast City, Verbatim Vibes and Business House Australia

April BHA Event: Bring Back Australia: A Blueprint for Change

For our April Networking Breakfast, we’re thrilled to welcome Sally A. Curtis, a prominent local Connector and dynamic Entrepreneur in the Marketing & Speaking space. She’ll embark on a mission to make a “Dent in the Universe” by sharing insights on “Communities: Creating Homes, Changing Lives – A Movement Towards Ending Homelessness.” Join us to be part of this transformative discussion.

March BHA Event: Bring Back Australia: A Blueprint for Change

For our March Networking Breakfast, we’re excited to host Michael Duregon. He’ll deliver an insightful presentation on “Bring Back Australia: A Blueprint for Change.” Join us to engage with his strategic insights for transforming Australia’s economic landscape.

November BHA Event: Taking the Road Less Traveled Has Made All the Difference

For our November event, we are honored to have Peter Nicholls, a Life Enjoyment Mentor, grace our stage. Through sharing his unique journey, Peter will emphasize the power and benefits of “being different to everyone else” in your business, a perspective that promises to shape the business world of tomorrow.

October BHA Event: Navigating Success: Life Lessons on Resillence & Leadership

In a world where the only constant is change, the ability to adapt, persevere, and lead effectively is more important than ever. From his early years as a Paralympian to his current role as the Member for Colton and Shadow Treasurer of South Australia, Matt Cowdrey has navigated his way through a myriad of challenges and triumphs.