Hiring new staff can be quite a time-consuming task, so there is a need to be as well planned as possible and with clear goals to minimise disruption to the workplace. We often use the term “we need to get someone on board”, hence the term ‘onboarding’ which refers to the integration of anew employee.

The following summary provides an overview of some of the important considerations for the recruitment of a new staff member.

1. Is a new position necessary, or can current staff upskill to get the job done?
2. If a new employee is required, decide on hours of work. Will it be casual or permanent, and will it be full-time or part-time.
3. Compile a job description so it is clear what the new employee will be required to do.
4. Confirm the industrial coverage the new employee will be under so rate of pay can be established.
5.Ensurethe business can afford it.
6. Create the appropriate advertisement and begin the hunt using Recruiting agencies Online job sites LinkedIn Social media Association websites or newsletters Networking.
7.Cull the applicants to fit into the selection criteria.
8. Prepare interview questions. The aim is to determine whether the candidate has the skills and capabilities to do the job. Interview questions cannot be discriminatory in any way.
9. Interview 1. This can be either formal or informal depending on your own preferences. However, be wary of the Dunning-Kruger effect, where people with low ability actually have inflated self-perception.
10. Decide on a shortlist of candidates, and obtain authorisation to reference check.
11. Due diligence.
12. Interview 2 may be necessary if there is any doubt between certain candidates.
13. Decide on the appropriate candidate.
14. Letter of offer to a candidate.
15. Contract of Employment and Company policies together with Fair Work Information statement issued to the new employee. A probationary period is advisable.
16. Induction and on-boarding. It is recommended to have a training chart with achievable goals for the new employee. A buddy is a great idea.

The above checklist should assist in the recruiting and onboarding of a new employee at your workplace, and pay dividends when it results in finding the right person for your business.