About BHA

From the Managing Director

Why did BHA come about?

I have always held a passion for helping small business. The idea of a professional business club where businesses could receive support, advice, and guidance was a concept that excited me.

Can you expand on that?

Throughout my career, I have frequently met folks who are very good at their key skills but often need some help in running their business. The first thing I can say is, that’s OK! Entrepreneurs cannot be expected to know everything about everything. BHA is my way of saying, hey, I can help you or your staff acquire the skills you need to complement what you are doing. This may be as simple as providing a networking platform through to a personal and business mentoring program, and finally to a complete business action plan and marketing package.

Keith Gustavsson and Robert Elrington
(left) Keith Gustavsson MD

How did you come by the name?

And isn’t is it a great name!

Amazingly, the trading name, domain name and trademark were all available. Some things are meant to be!

When did BHA commence and how many members do you have?

Our official launch was in January 2019, and we are presently on track for a target of 100 members by December 2019. In addition, we are delighted to have already picked up major sponsors who can clearly see how BHA can benefit their business.

What services do you offer?

We provide a first-class venue to present your business, facilities for wining and dining, business opportunities to improve a client’s business, individual mentoring and MAP plans.

What’s in it for me and at what cost?

That will depend on what you are looking for. We have several offerings, through member and sponsor packages that offer different levels of benefit. These have all been designed as value for money packages from entry level to top shelf. Membership details are available here, fully transparent.

What is your target market?

Businesses that have 20 employees or less which incredibly is 97% of Australian businesses. We also work with newly established businesses and entrepreneurs.

Who is your competition?

Our clients tell me BHA is unique, and I agree. There is no one like us. We are a networking group, but we are more than that. We offer personal mentoring, but we are more than that. We offer a complete legal health check, but we are more than that.