Unlocking the Mind: Smart Decision-Making for game-changing results

For our June Networking Breakfast, we’re thrilled to bring you an invigorating session focused on the innovative application of design thinking across varied professional fields. Join Dr. Nikou Javadi, a seasoned expert in human-centered design and stress management, as she unveils strategies for leveraging design thinking to transform challenges into opportunities and accelerate personal and organizational growth.

Description: Join Dr. Nikou Javadi, who has blended her profound expertise in architecture, nursing, and human-centered design to forge a unique path in improving productivity and well-being. Nikou will delve into the critical elements of design thinking that can enhance decision-making and foster a culture of innovation. Most professionals face the challenge of adapting to change while managing stress; Nikou’s approach teaches how to turn these challenges into strategic advantages. From exploring the power of empathy in business to understanding the impact of systematic design on problem-solving, discover how you can apply these principles to achieve sustained growth and transformative results.

Understand how adjusting your strategic approach can significantly amplify the impact of your initiatives and create higher value for your stakeholders.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights that can reshape your approach to business and personal challenges, unlocking new levels of success in your professional and personal life. The essence of this session, “Unlocking the Mind: Smart Decision-Making for Game-Changing Results,” will equip you with the tools to drive innovation and inspire transformative change effectively.

Presenter Bio: Dr. Nikou Javadi has dedicated over a decade to integrating design thinking with practical applications in healthcare and beyond, enhancing the lives of individuals and teams through innovative solutions. With a dual PhD in architecture and stress management, Nikou brings a unique perspective to tackling modern-day challenges. Her ongoing commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends has made her a sought-after speaker and mentor in design thinking, where she helps individuals and organizations harness creative problem-solving to achieve their goals.

Nikou is a dynamic “Implementational Speaker” whose sessions not only educate but also empower attendees to implement real changes.

Secure your spot now and take the first step towards mastering the art of design thinking for success!

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