Elevate Your Business with Digital Marketing & Podcast Content Creation: A Networking Extravaganza!

Hosted by Podcast City, Verbatim Vibes, and Business House Australia πŸš€

πŸ“… Save the Date: May 21

⏰ Time to Shine: 6 pm

πŸ“ Where the Magic Happens: Parkside Hotel, 142 Glen Osmond Road Parkside, SA 5063

🎯 Who’s Invited:

Calling all ambitious entrepreneurs, savvy freelancers, seasoned business pros, and social media aficionados! If you’re keen on unleashing the power of digital marketing and podcasting, this event is tailor-made for you.

Get Ready to Dive In:

Embark on a thrilling journey into the dynamic realms of podcasting and social media! Whether you’re a fresh-faced podcaster, a seasoned pro, or a social media maven, this is your golden ticket to connect, innovate, and ride the wave of the latest trends.

Expect riveting discussions, meaningful connections, and the chance to find your next podcast guestβ€”or snag an exciting opportunity to feature on someone else’s show and tap into their audience.

Expand your horizons, share your passion, and mingle with kindred spirits in the vibrant world of podcasting and social media. Don’t miss out on this electrifying experience! ⚑

🌐 Inside Scoop on This Exclusive Session:

We’re delving deep into the podcasting and social media universe, covering:

  • Hot Off the Press Podcast & Social Media Updates
  • Pro Tips & Advice
  • Emerging Trends
  • Insights from Seasoned Podcasters

Meet Our Star Speaker:

“Unlock Success Through Effective Communication: Meet Our Keynote Speaker, Con Koutsikas

Prepare to soar to new heights with Con Koutsikas, an esteemed keynote speaker, trainer, and certified coach renowned for his captivating delivery and insightful teachings. With a passion for empowering businesses and individuals, Con shares invaluable skills in communication, igniting growth and success in sales, customer service, and public speaking confidence.

Drawing from over three decades of hands-on commercial experience, Con brings a treasure trove of expertise from business ownership, senior management, and over 25 years of sales prowess. His sessions blend theory with practical wisdom, equipping participants with actionable strategies for real-world results.

As the esteemed host of the acclaimed podcast, ‘A Cuppa with the Con Versationalist’, Con underscores the importance of effective communication in today’s competitive landscape. In an age where communication is king, mastering the art of expression is key in both professional and personal realms. Con’s holistic approach addresses the core pillars of communication – mind, body, voice, and language – offering transformative insights and tools for immediate application.

Embark on an exhilarating journey towards enhanced confidence and communication prowess. Discover why Con’s workshops draw eager participants and seize the opportunity to unlock your full potential. Elevate your communication, elevate your success.”

πŸ”₯ Register now and unveil the pivotal role podcasting can play in your business success!