February BHA Event: How to communicate for positive outcomes and feel terrific

For our February Networking Breakfast event, we are delighted to welcome Bram Lagrou, a skilled communicator and seasoned expert in achieving positive outcomes. Bram will present a compelling session titled “How to Communicate for Positive Outcomes and Feel Terrific.”

Presentation Description In a world where effective communication is as crucial as technology, mastering it can be transformative. Bram’s insightful presentation will address the ‘cracks’ often found in our daily interactions, whether in personal relationships or professional settings. His focus will be on the #1 tool to navigate through conflicts, hard conversations, and perceived difficult personalities, ensuring positive results while maintaining a sense of well-being.

This February, join us to explore the nuances of effective communication. Bram will shed light on how to overcome common communication barriers and transform interactions into positive experiences. Whether it’s resolving conflicts, managing tough conversations, or simply improving interactions with those around us, his insights promise to be invaluable.

Presenter Bio Bram Lagrou, known for his relaxed and spontaneous approach, brings a wealth of experience in facilitating better communication. With a focus on creating harmony and understanding, Bram guides individuals and professionals alike in unlocking their communication potential. His ability to identify and address communication challenges in a variety of settings makes him an engaging and relevant speaker. As Bram shares his practical and insightful strategies, attendees will be inspired to apply these skills in their own lives, leading to more fulfilling and effective interactions.

Join us this February for an enlightening session that promises not just to enhance your communication skills, but also to positively impact your overall well-being.


As a small business owner in Adelaide, you understand the power of a compelling narrative and the influence of shared experiences. So come along to this month’s event where you’ll have the opportunity to network, learn, and be inspired, all while enjoying a delicious sit-down breakfast.