September BHA Event: Taxation of Superannuation – making the complex simple

For our September event, we are thrilled to introduce Peter as our esteemed guest speaker. With a wealth of experience in the intricate world of Australian taxation, Peter will be guiding us through the maze of “Taxation of Superannuation – making the complex simple.”

Presentation Description
The Australian taxation landscape, although intricate, is an integral part of our lives. Nestled at its core is the concept of superannuation, a vital element in our financial and taxation journey. But how familiar are you with the milestones of superannuation? Or the tax implications at each stage?
This September, Peter will elucidate the taxation intricacies surrounding superannuation, guiding attendees from their very first superannuation payment right through to understanding the implications of receiving an inheritance. His discourse will illuminate some of the more common stages in between, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the subject.
Understanding these taxation rules is crucial, not just from a compliance standpoint, but also in optimizing your financial position. Grasping how the superannuation system can work in your favour can have significant tax advantages. With Peter’s insights, attendees will be better positioned to seek the right advice, plan effectively for the future, and avoid potential pitfalls.
Eager to demystify the intricacies of superannuation and its tax implications? Join us at this eye-opening event!

Presenter Bio
Peter is a seasoned Chartered Accountant and Registered Tax Agent, who since 2004, has dedicated his career to advising small to medium-sized businesses on income tax intricacies.
With a keen interest in tax structuring for burgeoning and innovative businesses, Peter stands out in his ability to simplify and articulate complex tax matters. He possesses a unique knack for making intricate topics easily digestible, making him an invaluable resource in the realm of taxation.
Drawing from almost two decades of hands-on experience and a robust academic foundation, Peter is well-equipped to guide businesses and individuals alike through the labyrinthine corridors of the Australian tax system. His commitment to educating others ensures that, with his guidance, complex tax matters become both understandable and actionable.

As a small business owner in Adelaide, you know the value of connections, referrals, and relationships to build a successful business and reputation.

So come along to this month’s event where you will have the opportunity to network and learn whilst enjoying a delicious sit-down breakfast at the Alma Tavern in Norwood.

As a small business owner in Adelaide, you understand the power of a compelling narrative and the influence of shared experiences. So come along to this month’s event where you’ll have the opportunity to network, learn, and be inspired, all while enjoying a delicious sit-down breakfast at the Alma Tavern in Norwood.