August BHA Event: It Doesn’t Matter Where You Start Out. It’s Where You End Up !

For our August event, we have the pleasure of having Matt Mcquinley as our guest speaker. Matt Mcquinley, a successful business owner and public speaker with a deep understanding of people, will be speaking about a powerful life mantra, “It Doesn’t Matter Where You Start Out. – It’s Where You End Up !!!” 

Presentation Description

Ever felt discouraged by your current circumstances? Or believed that your starting point is a roadblock to your future success? Don’t fret! The trajectory of success is often nonlinear, filled with twists and turns that eventually lead to your goal. It’s not about where you start; it’s about the journey and where you end up. 

In this engaging presentation, Matt Mcquinley will share invaluable insights drawn from his own life journey, starting from humble beginnings and growing into the accomplished professional he is today. His story is a testament to the fact that our starting points do not determine our destiny. 

Matt will delve into strategies for turning challenges into stepping stones, persevering through setbacks, and maintaining a growth mindset. He will inspire you to harness your strengths, remain resilient, and keep a clear vision of your end goals, no matter where you start. 

Intrigued? Join us at this Networking Breakfast Event! 

Presenter Bio

Matt has had a successful career as a business owner in retail, direct sales, and manufacturing. He has extensive experience in strategic planning and has held various roles such as a sales & marketing manager, public speaker, and leadership trainer. He is currently a host on three different radio shows and does standup comedy. 

His understanding of people, their motivations and points of view, and his large and varied number of interests allow him to connect with people from all walks of life. From a sales representative to a national sales manager in a $100 million USD international corporation, Matt’s journey has taken him across three continents, running successful businesses and exporting to 26 different countries. 

His strong work ethic and belief in the reflection of his work results on himself, his family, and his country have guided him through his professional journey. His focus on building relationships in business is based on mutual respect, empathy, and a touch of humour. 


As a small business owner in Adelaide, you know the value of connections, referrals, and relationships to build a successful business and reputation.

So come along to this month’s event where you will have the opportunity to network and learn whilst enjoying a delicious sit-down breakfast at the Alma Tavern in Norwood.