Business Networking Breakfast Event: It’s Your Life – What’s the Plan?

🗓 May BHA Event: It’s Your Life – What’s the Plan? 🗓
🎙 For our May event, we are excited to have Geoff Potter and Gail Ruth Miller as our guest speakers. They will be presenting on “It’s Your Life – What’s the Plan? “.
⚡️ Presentation Description ⚡️
How often have you heard someone say, “I’m OK. There’s always someone worse off than me?”
Age may be just a number, but we all have to face that number one day.
If you believe that it’s not going to happen to you – think again.
We all need a plan – If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! Nothing is more true when it comes to Aged and Disability care.
The upcoming presentation from Gail and Geoff will give you some insight as to the importance of planning early. With a plan, you will achieve better outcomes, particularly in the Aged Care arena.
If you’re in the 40 to 70-year old group with an elderly relative, you’re part of the sandwich generation, wedged between your children who are still finding their way and parents who may be losing theirs. If you have no children, you have a social life, a home, an exercise regime, maybe a pet and other commitments plus the needs of an elderly relative.
This causes enormous stress. As you attempt to navigate a convoluted and every-changing system, you still have a life to lead.
Gail and Geoff both have experience in meeting with people who are facing their twilight years.
Having a plan allows them to maintain some control over the outcomes.
If you or one of your relatives think that getting old is a breeze, then you should come and listen to what Gail and Geoff have to say.
Their presentation will be in easy-to-understand language and the content will be relevant to you all.
If you know anyone with elderly relatives, invite them along for this informative presentation.
⚡️ Presenters’ Bios ⚡️
Gail is owner and director of Aged Care Explained – a consulting business that is the missing link between confused families and where the right aged care help can be found.
Geoff represents KompleteCare – Community and Home Care services for the elderly and those living with a disability.
As a small business owner in Adelaide, you know the value of connections, referrals, and relationships to build a successful business and reputation.
So come along to this month’s event where you will have the opportunity to network and learn whilst enjoying a delicious sit-down breakfast at the Alma Tavern in Norwood.