February BHA Event: Engagement, credibility and authority…a winning combination!

🗓 February BHA Event: Engagement, credibility and authority…a winning combination🗓

🎙 For our February event, we have the honour of having Con Koutsikas as our guest speaker. He will be presenting “ Engagement, credibility and authority…a winning combination”. 

⚡️Presentation Description⚡️

To persuade and influence your audience, be that 1 or 1000, you must create engagement and with that engagement, build credibility. We all have a level of expertise in our chosen field, however, for many, combine poor communication skills with distracting, deeply rooted sub conscious behaviours and habits and we fail to engage, consequently, our message is lost. In this presentation, Con will raise your awareness around some of these distracting behaviours and provide proven techniques to help you create engagement and demonstrate your authority and expertise.

⚡️Presenter’s Bio⚡️

Con Koutsikas is a passionate speaker and trainer with over 25 years of high-level sales experience. He helps people and businesses succeed through better speaking and communication. With a deep understanding of the psychology of the listener, Con helps build rapport, connection, and trust. His expertise in body language, stagecraft, and structure makes even average presentations engaging and entertaining. Con holds a Masters Degree from Life University and has plenty of lessons to share. He is also the host of the podcast “A Cuppa with The Con Versationalist,” which is available on Spotify and iTunes. He offers a variety of services, including custom corporate training, public courses and workshops, personal coaching and mentoring, youth programs, and professional MC and guest speaker services. Check out his website at www.conkoutsikas.com and follow his thoughts and experiences on his blog, “The CONVERSATIONALIST”


As a small business owner in Adelaide, you know the value of connections, referrals, and relationships to build a successful business and reputation.

So come along to this month’s event where you will have the opportunity to network and learn whilst enjoying a delicious sit-down breakfast at the Alma Tavern in Norwood. 


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