Business House Australia

What will it mean to you when you have access to business development support, leading mentoring programs in both personal and business, and in-house legal and financial counsel?

Business House Australia is an innovative business development and networking group, with the sole purpose of supporting your business growth. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, Business House Australia can help you grow your business.

Think of the team at Business House Australia as a resource that has been designed by business people for business people.

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Your business will only grow as much as you grow yourself. Your habits, limiting beliefs and perspectives keep you playing at the same level. It is only through developing yourself that you will be able to know true success in any area of life.

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Regular networking events allow members and guests the opportunities to create and foster meaningful connections. In addition, sponsors have the opportunity to present as a guest speaker giving value to both the attendees and the speaker.

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Your business will only grow as far as you grow yourself, the same can be said of your team. Developing your team leads to better performance, work ethic, and enjoyment which in turn is reflected in office culture and your bottom line.

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Business Development With a Difference

Designed for business people by business people, Business House Australia supports business growth at all stages. From sponsorships and memberships to networking events and mentorships, business development through collaboration and synergy is what sets Business House Australia apart.

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A unique club where business people can discuss their opportunities, challenges and concerns in an environment that will support you in your decision making.

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Designed for those who can't make all our events in a given year

Eight free networking events during the year

Two hours personal and business mentoring

Radio time on community radio of 30 mins to market your business

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Become a Member Valued at $925 + discounts on services
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Our top shelf membership level, and most popular choice

Fourteen free networking events during the year

Radio time on community radio of one hour to market your business

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Become a Member Valued at $2,565 + discounts on services

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Ten free networking breakfasts in a given year

Become a Member Valued at $350 + discounts on services

Upcoming Events

Networking breakfasts are held on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:45 AM, where members and guests are able to network and enjoy value delivered by the guest speaker.

All Upcoming Events
Tuesday, March 10 March Networking Breakfast

Why is it essential to have an agreed definition? So all parties know what they are getting into – does it fit the need? Rex will delve into the roles and what to look for in each, join us for an interactive and informative morning.

Saturday, May 16 Hutt St Centre Charity Dinner

Join us for a four-course dinner and silent auction to support the Hutt St Centre as we enter winter

Saturday, June 27 Unleash Your Leadership Potential

Business House Australia is Proud to host The Dale Carnegie Institute in Adelaide for a 1-day workshop series.

Coaching & Mentoring

Business House Australia provides professional and personal coaching and mentoring to small and medium-sized businesses. Our coaching panel offers support in:

  • Change Management & Implementation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Finances
  • Cash Flow
  • Growth
  • Staffing
  • Goal Setting
  • Operational Management
  • Business and Personal

Advocacy & Activism

Our In-House Legal Counsel offers a sounding board for local business. Business House Australia welcomes comment on the issues faced in South Australia by small to medium business.

From this input Business House Australia is able to act as a voice for the collective SME's to relevant local government bodies advocating on their behalf.

We want to hear from you.

Training & Education

Drawing from the knowledge base within Business House Australia, the business community and experience, BHA offers resources for business in South Australia.

From speakers at events offering huge value and regular articles written by subject matter experts to masterclasses & workshops from our coaches. Business House Australia offers the opportunity to learn and access to leaders at every turn.